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Eyeglass Lens Options

Eyeglass Lens Options

Eyeglass Lenses

High index lenses are the latest lens technology available for eyeglasses. These new lenses can provide the same clarity as their older plastic CR-39 counterparts, but are much thinner and lighter. Ask about high index lenses during your next exam.

Bifocals are wonderful tools for people who need to be able to see at two different distances through one pair of glasses. The top portion of the lens is used for seeing things in the distance and the bottom portion is used to see materials up close.

Progressive lenses are a great alternative to a bifocal. They have all of the advantages of the bifocal in that you are able to see at different distances through one pair of glasses. Progressive lenses, however, eliminate the “line” that is visible on a bifocal lens. Instead the change in power of the lens is gradual as you move down the lens. Ask your eye doctor about progressive lenses during your next exam.

Trifocal lenses are made similar to bifocal lenses. The difference is that this lens is designed to allow clear vision at three different distances. The top portion of the lens is for distance viewing, the bottom portion is for near vision and the added middle portion is for viewing object at intermediate distances.

Photochromatic lenses are a great option for those who want to combine their glasses and sunglasses into one pair. A photochromatic lens will darken when exposed to UV light, such as being outside. The same lens will become clear in indoor and nighttime settings. There are several photochromatic lens options available, so be sure to ask  about them during your next exam.

Glare can be extremely distracting and troublesome. Glare can come from headlights, wet roads or even from your windshield. Polarized lenses almost completely eliminate glare and provide a better viewing experience. They can even eliminate the glare that others see when looking at you. Polarized lenses are a great option for people who fish, play golf or people who seek a better driving experience.

Computer lenses are specially designed for people who spend extended amounts of time working on computers. They allow you to see the computer screen, the keyboard, your documents and things off in the distance with ease. Computer lenses are designed to reduce eye fatigue and strain caused by computer monitors. Ask  about computer lenses during your next exam.[/tab] [tab]With advances in lens technology, ultra-thin lenses can now be used to make eyewear for those with high prescriptions.

If you have a high prescription, ask your eye doctor about ultra-thin lenses.

iZon lenses are personalized high-definition lenses. The prescription in an iZon lens is extremely more precise than any traditional eyeglass prescriptions. The instrument used to take the measurements for an iZon lens corrects for imperfections beyond what can be found in a traditional eye exam. iZon lenses can greatly improve visual quality by reducing factors such as glare. Ask if you are a candidate who would benefit from iZon lenses.

Anti-reflective coatings are a great feature to add to your lenses. An anti-reflective coat can increase the amount of light reaching your eyes, which in turn enhances your visual experiences. People who spend time on computers or spend time driving should consider adding an anti-reflective coat to their lenses.

Our lives can take a real toll on our eyeglass lenses! Whether it is dropping them, setting them down on a rough surface or storing them in places such as your pocket, lenses can easily scratch. Scratches can compromise the overall performance of the lens and reduce your visual experience.

A scratch resistant coating is a great addition to any lenses you buy. While it cannot make your lenses “scratch-proof”, a scratch resistant coating greatly reduces the likelihood of minor scratches on your lenses.

Remke Eye Clinic can provide any pair of lenses with a specialty tint to make them more stylish. Ask us about adding a specialty tint to your glasses during your next exam.