Vision Care Direct

Remke Eye Clinic is a very proud provider and supporter of Vision Care Direct.  Remke Eye Clinic is an independently owned and operated private practice and small business in your community.  Private practice eye care providers invest personal time and energy into providing the highest quality of care in their practices.  It is through services, such as exclusive warranties on the products they sell to the state-of-the-art technology they invest in for aiding in treating their patients, that they are able to offer something unique in eye care.  Seeing the need to address the issues in healthcare and eye care, Vision Care Direct was created by eye doctors to bridge the gap between eye care providers and their patients!

Vision Care Direct is NOT insurance.

It is a payment plan designed by independent eye doctors designed to provide affordable, high-quality eye care directly to patients in the communities in which they serve. Vision Care Direct is a vision plan designed to cut out the middle-man!

Eliminating this step in the healthcare process allows patients to pay smaller premiums and ultimately allows doctors to continue to provide premium care.

With typical insurance, the relationship is between you and the insurance company and not between you and your doctor! Insurance plans can begin to dictate where and how you are cared for.

Vision Care Direct gets rid of this barrier by allowing you the choice of which private practice doctor you see and the level of care you desire to receive.

With Vision Care Direct, you determine what your desires are for eye care services.

There are multiple options designed to meet your specific needs. You then select a plan and sign-up.

Payments can be made in full when you purchase or they can be spread out in installments for your convenience.

Your benefits are available for you to use instantly so you begin to see the savings!

Check out this link to see an illustration of standard eye care plans versus Vision Care Direct:

Currently, there are 250 private practice optometrists in the state of Tennessee who participate in the Vision Care Direct network.

That number covers almost every major city and regional area in the state, and new doctors are being added daily!

Are you an employer interested in Vision Care Direct for your employees? Are you an employee who would like us to contact your employer about adding Vision Care Direct? Click here for more information specifically about employer/employee benefits.
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