Premium Lenses

Standard Bifocals and Trifocals
If you prefer a standard lined bifocal or trifocal, these are also available in several lens materials as well as polarized, transition or fashion tints.

Airwear Polycarbonate
This lens material exhibits excellent shock resistance making it a good choice for safety or dress eyewear. Naturally very light and thin, it also blocks UVA and UVB rays. Polycarbonate will give your glasses a thinner profile and thanks to an outstanding hard coat, it’s also scratch resistant.

Anti-Reflective coatings
The newest anti-reflective coating comes complete with a scotch guard smudge and scratch resistant coating. These lenses can help control the glare from computer screens or overhead lights. They also help with the glare from car lights for more comfortable night driving.

Transition Variable Tint
Lenses that adjust to the intensity of light by darkening outdoors and clearing indoors are just the ticket to protect your eyes in most any situation while giving you the convenience of one pair of glasses. This lens features a higher activation rate of up to 70% in 30 seconds.

Polarized and Fashion Tints
Fashion tints can be solid or fade, light or dark, whatever the individual prefers. Available in a wide array of colors from bright purples to the most subtle pinks or yellows, they will help cut visible light while making you look good. Polarized lenses are a great choice for prescription sun wear. They cut out harmful ultraviolet rays as well as reflected glare and are excellent for best vision on water and snow.

Changes and improvements are made every day with lenses, lens materials, and treatments. Our promise to our patients is to keep up with and make available the latest in lens technology. Whether you use glasses for work, hobbies, sports, or just relaxing by the pool, we can help!

Remke Eye Clinic is proud to offer these premium lenses:


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